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One More ?

Contemporary Tango
«Faces reveal intimates identities nourishing dance and creating relationship. »
Nourished by her work on numerous Argentine Tango projects since 2007, notably the different versions of Tangoperf, Odile Gheysens seeks to question identity with this new piece, One more ?

One More? is a contemporary tango dance which questions identity. It is a performance art inviting us to try out a new sensory experience ; to take a step towards each other, to get lost along the way, to allow ourselves to reveal our true identity.




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Guy Delahaye - Alexandra de Laminne - Christian de Héricourt.


  • Odile Gheysens

  • Andrès Surra

  • Astrid Grant

  • Eva Yufra

  • Luc Khiari

  • Sylvain Beauchamps


Alba International Physical Theatre Festival
Friday 14 February 2020


Festival d’AVIGNON OFF
du Friday 5 26 July 2019

Aventure Avignon au OFFDANSE !!!
Théâtre Golovine - 1Bis rue Sainte Catherine - 84000 Avignon

Conférence de Presse #OffDanse
Tuesday 4 June 2019

Performance dansée d’un extrait de One More? Au Théâtre Golovine.

2nd Résidence au Théâtre Golovine / la Danse - Avignon
du Monday 27 May au Tuesday 4 June 2019

En route pour le Festival D’Avignon #OffDanse

Résidence Fondation interface
du Monday 11 au Saturday 16 February 2019

Résidence à Nax.




Video: One More ?

One More ?
One More?