In entreprise

Performance stress, overexertion, tense human relations, etc. We live faster and faster and forget who we really are, what motivates us, the little things that make us happy.
What if the key to well-being is the re-connection to yourself and to the present moment and to feel our deep desire?
The answer is not uniform, so everyone has to feel their own.
Odile Gheysens proposes a one-day journey to reconnect with your body, deep sensations, emotional exchange with the others through movement, dance, yoga, the challenge of weightlessness. Get out of the comfort zone and rediscover yourself.
Beyond the movement, Odile GHEYSENS, in her pedagogical approach focuses on the energy that circulates in each of us and the relationship that this creates with others. Importance is put on a whole that nourishes everything: weight, breath, suspension, release.
From the intention that is given comes the “right gesture”.



Refocus on yourself

Beyond the dance and knowledge of the body, Odile applies her philosophy to each of her gestures. Connecting with oneself, others and space; while keeping a concrete approach.


The “body”, a way to discover our more precise inner Sensation.
Full consciousness to appreciate the present moment and listen.
Make a practical sense of theory.
Philosophy of the life.


Open up yourself
open up to others
Consciousness of the universal triangle
Feeling your body



Through contemporary dance, yoga, breathing, improvisation, voice…



Vertical Dance

Contemporary Dance



“So I feel, I am”

“Identity is constructed in the relationship with others”