« This aerial dance explores the weightlessness of the human body, the way we try to escape the confines and ties of our world, creating a state of intermediary existence. The virtual world seems to liberate our bodies and our habitual, spatiotemporal constraints. »
Volibri is a game of weightlessness. Each partner’s body is a spatial reference point for the other partner. It’s a dialogue between bodies, a sensual, physical piece of poetry.

The wall, the vertical plane. The dancers use the wall as if it were the ground. For them it’s another performance space, a dance floor. The bungee cord they are attached to allows them to explore a unique kind of choreography. They can go beyond the physical limits of the vertical plane. Their movement is fluid and gentle, incomparably voluminous.
Some parts of the choreography are set, other parts are open to improvisation. Each version of Suspend’s varies, depending on each particular wall : brick, stone, glass, with windows or without, with columns or without, modern surfaces, old surfaces, cliffs or a forest ; a range of vertical planes whose diverse textures and features allow the dancers to perpetually reinvent their dance.


Creation Team

Choreography: Odile Gheysens, Éric Lecomte
Dancers (in alternation): Odile Gheysens / Violaine Garros / Éric Lecomte / Frauke Mariën
Video / live painting on overhead projectors: collectif VSRK
Lighting design: Koert Vermeulen ACT lighting design
Music: Rami Khalifé, Francesco Tristano, Gerardo Jerez le Cam (pianos), Jean-Baptiste Dupont (organ)


Interior/ Exterior
Daytime (without video) or nightime (with video and/or overhead projectors + lighting)
Length of performance : around 25 minutes
Music : recorded or live / contemporary or tango


In-SENSO, Compagnie 9.81, ACT lighting design


  • Odile Gheysens

  • Francesco Tristano

  • Frauke Mariën

  • Gerardo Jerez Le Cam

  • Rami Khalife

  • Amandine Etelage

  • Yutaka Nakata


Sunday 11 September 2022

Equipe de choc pour voltiger atour des hélicoptères d’AIRBUS

Nuit Blanche / Luanda
Saturday 2 October 2021

Aventure Angolaise avec Amandine Etelage pour fêter la nuit blanche, en partenariat avec l’Alliance Française.

SEM’ART RUE / Port de Bouc
Saturday 11 September 2021

Théâtre le Sémaphore
Festival gratuit dans l’espace public.

Tuesday 7 September 2021

Paris / Champs-Elysées.
Performance en suspension dans les fenêtres du Théâtre du Rond-Point. Ouverture de saison.
Le Rond-Point dans le Jardin

ANNULÉ / Citadelle de Givet
du Saturday 7 au Sunday 8 August 2021

Citadelle de Charlemont - Ardennes
Performances combinées avec une équipe d’artistes de haut vol : Tangoperf, Monsieur Vauban, Flamenco & Incantations.



Suspend’s en extérieur nuit
Photo : Koert Vermeulen
Photo : Luca Delpia
Photo : Luca Delpia
Photo : in-SENSO
Photo : in-SENSO
Photo : Koert Vermeulen
Photo : in-SENSO
Photo : in-SENSO
Photo : Dominique Ricard
Photo : Dominique Ricard

Video: Volibri

Volibri / Chalon
Volibri / Dominique A