« A trio, a triangle, a bid for equilibrium, where each force hangs on the self-awareness of its own fragility. »
This contemporary dance piece is built around the essential elements of music and light.

Chaos is a piece written for “piano, dance, light”. It is the fruit of various decisive encounters between the dancer and choreographer Odile Gheysens, the pianist and contemporary composer Rami Khalifé, and the lighting designer Koert Vermeulen, who uses lighting as if he were “sculpting the space”.
In autumn 2006, Rami Khalifé composed a piece “dedicated to July and August 2006” entitled Chaos. The piece is about Liban, the war, violence and our illusions. It expresses the anger of man face to face with his powerlessness. Later the piece was developed to create a new version of Chaos, a dance piece using Rami’s original music and enriched by Koert’s scenography and bold lighting.
The pianist performs the piece live, his body fully engaged in his performance, echoing the dancer’s movement as his powerful physicality expresses the way he intuitively feels the music.


Creation Team

Piano: Rami Khalifé
Choreography and dance: Odile Gheysens
Lighting design: Koert Vermeulen / ACT lighting design
Costumes: Faye Formisano
Choreographic collaboration: Marion Ballester


Interior or black box
Length of performance : 60 minutes
Grand piano, Steinway or equivalent


Avant-Scène in Cognac, ACT lighting design, Nagam Cultural Project.


« Les Eclats Chorégraphiques », la Rochelle, France.
Spiel Festival, Cellule 133A, Germany.
Centre National de la Danse, Pantin, Paris.
Summer studios in Brussels, Belgium.
With support from Arcadi as part of the « Plateaux solidaires » project in France.


  • Odile Gheysens

  • Rami Khalife

  • Faye Formisano

  • Koert Vermeulen




Photo : Photo : in-SENSO & Julien Richa
Photo : Photo : in-SENSO & Julien Richa
Photo : Photo : in-SENSO & Julien Richa
Photo : Photo : in-SENSO & Julien Richa
Photo : Photo : in-SENSO & Julien Richa

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