Odile Gheysens


I am enraptured by the notion of space. Hungry for experience, i am inspired by various styles of dance
contemporary dance, aerial dance Argentine tango,
often interweaving the three in order to explore unusual choreographies
My dance reinvents itself from all theses mixes.
From this desire to interweaving this artistic forms, i decided to create the company in-SENSO in 2004.

Besides my projects as a choreographer / dancer within my dance company in- SENSO, i am also familiar with large-scale shows according to my artistic vision, That was especially present in the shows i had for KenzoSS18 fashion-week, or for Hermès (Charity Gala).
For nearly 10 years, i have been driven by the work of Brussels-based ACT Lighting Design, in crazy and unsual projects, all over Europe, from Vegas to Singapour, via the Emirates : Travelling echoed my thirst for discovering the world.

Meeting Éric Lecomte/Cie 9.81 during my discovery of vertical dance, driven by Roc in Lichen, was decisive on my road.
Since 2005, Eric and I have co-operated on choreographic pieces having as a theme of what we call high-flying and weightlessness, which could be defined as :
Love of touching the emptiness and settled in the middle of nowhere, while feeling as if touching the essential.
Our show VOLIBRI, aerial show, has been performed nearly 200 times in more than 15 countries around the world. In 2015, It was made a video clip titled « Au revoir mon Amour » by Dominique A

Contemporary dance & Argentin tango
My unconditional love of music and especially Piazzolla, lead me to explore, since 2007, the world of Argentin Tango.
By creating TANGOPERF, which are performances in-situ : museums, galleries, ruins... , together with live musicians, i venture into a form of spontaneity, enable by a readiness for adaptation, a sense of happenstance and that anything can happen at anytime.
ONE MORE?, creation 2018-2019, is an offbeat contemporary tango performed by 4 dancers. It questions the concept of identity. The show was performed during the Festival Off d’Avignon in 2019, at the Golovine theater.

In 2018, i spent a few months at the Motte Castrale in Saint-Omer for the CLEA (Local Contrat for Art Education). Between artistic gestures, renditions, transmissions, performances ou video-dance, i intervene with multiples audiences : old, early childhood, teenagers, conservatory students, migrants, prisoners, disabled...
Together we have created journeys between contemporary dance, verticale dance, aerial dance, video-dance...
A serie of 13 videos-dance is mounted on the theme « Borders, the body in urban and rural space», as well as 2 renditions and a performance on a wall with 12 students.
These moments of sharing, are incredible relays that feed themselves in this back-and- forth of « give & receive »

Then i had to feel new paths. Cinema, theater, clown : i live these experiences of actress with personalities such as: Stéphane Vuillet, Jacques Gamblin; Commedia dell’Arte / Zefiro théâtre; Gaetan D’Agostino; Method Actors’ Studio / Robert Castle; « Acting & Music » ARTA. JJ Lemètre & Rapahaëlle Saudinos.
in-SENSO in partnership with Seoul’s « Center for the Arts without Borders » receives the label of French Institut for the year France-Korea for the play of Andy Yoon « The paper Moon ». I had the honor sharing the stage with the huge Actress Bongsouk SON.
For the short film of the young director Alice Rogeaux, i am « Sara », dans « L’ENVOL » . Chance of a suspended title?
Dancing in Operas particularly moves me because it seems to me the most complete form of art. Until assisting C. Bieito in the stage directing of King Lear at Garnier Opera.

Impossible to avoid the work of the diaphragm : muscle it, knead it, make it vibrate
Since 2012, i have been keen on singing, as an evidence, pop or world music.
Another experience to add.
And this other « evi-dance » : the music of the voice : experiencing the microphone via the radio. Trailer, documentary, voice- over, audio-book
Words dancing for the ears.
And the languages in all this? It was a
perfect match with my graduating in french literature and my desire let the voice vibrate into English, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Chinese or Arabic.

Visual - that can be seen and seen again.
I realise short movies - quirky and intense - for the Nikon Festival : Je suis une mainmise - Je suis coupe sang - and also many videos-dance - In the box, Brumes, Bouche à bouche, Hellek, In the Sech, Hole me -
It also happens to me to dance under the eye of the camera of other directors (... Yordan Tavernier, Kim Chapiron..)
i assist the director on short movies with Fovea Expertises and les Films Incognitos, even, i venture to framing by drone.
Fly, again.

One More ?