Andrès Surra


Belge d’origine uruguayen, ils découvre le tango à la grande époque de l’Argonne.
Native of Uruguay, Andres is a trained dancer from the end of 1990s, during the times of a big tango revival in Europe.

Besides Vincent Morelle and Marilyne Lefort, his maestros are Gustavo Naveira, Marta Anton, Carlos Perez and Rosa Forte, Sebastian Arce and Mariana Montes, Mariano Galeno and Paula Rubin, or El Pajaro and Mecha for the milonga.

Since 2004, he organizes the Tango Bar in Brussels where he teaches, among many more places in Europe. He danced and co-choreographed for several shows (Terra Tango, Tango vs Hip-hop)

A huge fan of improvisation, extremely rhythmic, musical and creative, over the years Andrès built a dance characterized by the complexity of its steps, the plasticity of the movement and the enjoyment to dance together.

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